Saturday, April 25, 2009


Neely on Papa's John Deere.
Neely loves to help Papa mow on his John Deere

After a long day of working in the yard, I get a cup of coffee, go out and sit on the bench and watch the geese swim. Peaceful

Neely helping do yard work:) (trimming trees)

Mama, Neely and LT
Neely counting for Mama. PRICELESS!!!

While Papa went over to help Jason and Cindy paint their house, Neely came to help Grammy work in the yard!! We dug lots of holes!

Grammy's big helper!!!

Neely digging holes for Grammy!


Fara Dyer, Rick Davis, Debbie Pratt, Deatra Burnam

Deatra, Debbie Daddy, Mom, Rick and Fara

Daddy and his girls

Adolf and Cinco

Gary helping Adolf with his tie. On our way to Pa Davis' funeral

Adolfo, Cinco and Shanda

Shanda and Mom

Sweet Sisters
Deatra, Debbie and Fara

So good to be together

Aunt Dee and Cinco

Friday, April 24, 2009


Gary and Debbie taking a walk on the beach in
Kaui, Hawaii

We renewed our vows on the beach

Still in love after 32 years!


While in Colorado, our car broke down. We had to leave it there. We rented a car and came home! A slight "interruption" Didn't someone preach a sermon about that?
Adolf and Gary cleaning our car out

Uncle Matt, Megan and Neely

Matt, Lisa, Cinco, Shanda and Adolfo

Matt, Lisa, Debbie, Gary

Matt, Lisa, Jason, Neely, Megan, Cindy

Lisa decorated the house for Matt's welcome home for R&R

Matt sharing pictures with friends from Radiant Church

Debbie cutting Matt's Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Matt and Lisa - Happy 25th Birthday Cake

Matt playing with Cinco

Cinco giving Uncle Matt kisses
Matt with his new Taylor Made Driver

Matt openining his Taylor Made Golf Clubs

Gary's Masterpiece drawn for Matt's Birthday Party

Matt and Shanda having fun at the playground

Papa and Neely
This playground was near the restaurant where we had breakfast.
Dad, Matt, Mom in front of The Pantry. This is one of Matt's favorite places to have Breakfast. Lisa arranged for us to be there early. She told Matt that she wanted to take him out to Breakfast for his birthday. So, when they pulled up,
we came out of the restaurant to surprise him.

A man from the restaurant, came out to take a picture for us.

Matt and Shanda

Dad and Matt
Surprising Matt on his birthday

Gary and I were very anxious to see Matt!

Papa and Neely having fun in the park
Megan and Neely
Adolf and Cinco

Are you serious?!!!! These were the biggest pancakes we had ever seen!!!

Miss Neely having breakfast at the Pantry