Thursday, April 21, 2011


My sister, Deatra, spent the night with us after the Girlfriends Birthday Bash. Although I was very tired, I was elated to have accomplished the goal of being with the GIRLFRIENDS! God truly gave me the strength to enjoy the evening, for which I am SO GRATEFUL!

Saturday morning, we made our way over to Mama's for breakfast. Shortly after breakfast, Deatra headed to Ardmore.

It was such a beautiful morning so Gary and I took a walk out to the bench.

In the warmth of the morning sun, we basked in the peaceful embrace of
God's provision of this beautiful haven of rest.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


As we consulted with my physicians and look closely at the timeline for my treatment, I realized that there were going to be some dates that were very important to me.

1. Girlfriend's Birthday Bash on April 15
2. Our Ordination on April 26
3. Family Vacation following Ordination

These dates have given me incentive to work towards specific goals and keep focused.

Although I was able to make the preliminary plans and for the Birthday Bash, many details were left to the Task Force and so many Girlfriends that offered their assistance to the Task Force, in so many different areas. This multi-talented team of women took care of every detail and the Birthday Bash on April 15 was a HUGE Success.I want to say a huge thank you to the Team of LFA Women that worked so diligently. You are each servants after God's own heart. Your love for the Girlfriend's Ministry is evident and your commitment is appreciated by all. I couldn't be more blessed to serve alongside you.

The TRUSTING T-Shirts with the lavendar ribbon (which represents all cancer) was designed and sold for this event to honor those who have fought the fight against cancer and for those that are in the fight against cancer. We had special prayer for these women, as we continue to TRUST God for His healing touch upon their lives! The proceeds of these shirts will be going toward the Indigent Medication Fund of CCSWOK. (if you would like to buy a T-Shirt, you can contact the office at 536-9325)

Although I lost my voice and early in the week I was extremely weak, I kept believing, TRUSTING that I would be able to attend! God was FAITHFUL!

If you know anything about me, you know that I love ministering to Women! It was a very emotional experience for me when I actually stepped through the doors at the Girlfriend's Birthday Bash. I was overwhelmed! These women have been part of the awesome network of prayer warriors that have prayed for me, provided meals for my family, provided so much support through cards and gifts, while on this journey. I am so GRATEFUL for each one of them!!

Michelle Pilcher, Director of the Women's Ministry for the State of Oklahoma presented our M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Project, Equipping the Kitchen at our new campground! The Girlfriends were AMAZING!! They gave over $3,000.00!!!

Our special guest speaker was Thelma Wells! EVERYONE LOVED MAMA "T"!! She brought an awesome word on TRUSTING!

I met Thelma (Mama T) last August at the National District Women’s Leadership Seminar, in Springfield, Missouri. There was an instant connection. In fact, when Thelma heard that I was from Lawton, she said “Oh, I know where Lawton is, we used to buy cosmetics from Edna Hennesey! I want to come to Lawton” and that set the plans in motion for the Girlfriend's Birthday Bash !!

It wasn’t until the morning of February 2, 10:30 a.m. when Thelma called and said “Pastor Debbie, I am calling you this morning to tell you JESUS KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE SITTING.” That morning in particular, I was sitting in my recliner, feeling very overwhelmed with what lay ahead of me. And Mama T began to pray, “God what are you going to do about this? Satan is a liar, GOD YOU ARE IN CONTROL……. That’s when the spirit connection took place!

We were so HONORED to have Thelma as our guest.

Michelle Pilcher, (Oklahoma Women's Director), Debbie and Thelma Wells (our guest speaker)
Debbie and Thelma
Michelle, Debbie, Linda and Thelma
Deatra (my sister), Debbie and Thelma
There were close to 450 women!!Checking out G-Life (the magazine produced by Girlfriends)

Thelma Wells was INCREDIBLE! There were so many obstacles that she had to overcome to even get to Lawton. She was flying from Dallas. She was in flight, when they had to turn around and go back to DFW because of high winds. Her flight to Lawton was canceled. Then she couldn't get her luggage, couldn't get a rental car. Her daughter Vikki picked her up at the airport,k drove her to Lawton and they arrived, just in time for the Birthday Bash! She was meant to be here and the enemy was trying everything he could to detour her. He didn't win!!!

On Friday afternoon the winds in Lawton were blowing at 50 mph with gusts up to 60. Fires began to break out in the West part of Lawton, and neighborhoods were evacuated. It was a very volatile situation! Thankfully, the fires were contained and no occupied homes were destroyed. We are so grateful for all of the firefighters that so diligently fought the fires so hard. We were all able to return to our homes after the Birthday Bash.

Although there appeared to be obstacles at every turn, the Girlfriends, PRAYED, BELIEVED and TRUSTED and God showed up and SHOWED OFF!! It was a GREAT night where God received ALL the glory and the enemy did NOT win!!!

He could not keep me from getting to Girlfriends
He could not keep Mama T from getting to Girlfriends
He could not stop the GIRLFRIENDS from getting to Girlfriends


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Early in my treatment process, my doctors did their part in preparing me for the days that I would face after radiation. However, I don't think one can be totally prepared! I truly didn't anticipate the amount of pain and difficulty I would have following the completion of the treatment.

Many have congratulated me on the completion of the treatment, and believe me I receive those congratulations and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have decided to stop numbering the days. As I walk through this phase of my recovery, much of my time and energy is totally being spent on regaining strength and focus. I have days I do well with that and then I have "OTHER" days. What I can tell you, is that God is FAITHFUL, and I am gaining strength daily!

In fact, the other morning, I took a picture of my first "happy bowl" of Oatmeal! May not seem like much, but it was MONUMENTAL for me! It took me from breakfast - lunch to do it, and many trips to the microwave to heat again, BUT I made it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Still no voice! Gary is getting use to hearing the
"clap-clap" which means I need something, or the
"clap-clap-clap-clap" which means I need YOU now!!
And then there are times when I have to call the house phone..........and when there is silence on the other end, he knows it's me:)

My wonderful Sanguine husband has been my strong tower! He has made me laugh, when I wanted to cry; and when I did cry, he has been there to wipe the tears; he has been so patient with me when I have struggled; he has prayed for me when I could not pray; and he has loved me unconditionally.

Not once has he complained about all the laundry, the dishes, the several trips to the store (just trying to find something I could eat), the sleepless nights...............and the list goes on and on of the things he should not have had to take care of for me, but he did.
His name should have been on the completion certificate!!

I know he has cried his own tears, and has been frustrated when he didn't know what to do for me, but he has shown me only love and understanding. I'm so grateful I have him to "do life" with!



Friday, April 8, 2011


Friday afternoon about 4 o'clock Gary came in and said he needed me to go to the front door. When he opened the door, my front yard was filled with Girlfriends with their shovels, gloves and LOTS of flowers to plant in my front flower bed and in my pots around the house. Normally, I would be out digging in the dirt by this time. I LOVE SPRING and getting my flowers planted. I was so overwhelmed!!! What they planted is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The flowers that they planted in my spirit will last a LIFETIME!!!



As I sat out on the deck Saturday morning, soaking in the beautiful flowers, my heart was still so full. The seed that were planted in my spirit by these Girlfriends, are being watered with my tears of gratefulness. I am so abundantly blessed.


OH MY! Although I was elated that I didn't have to go for treatment, it was a VERY ROUGH day! I have lost my voice completely!!





Thank you for continuing to TRUST with me!


After my last radiation treatment, Ashley took my mask off!
I CANNOT tell you how relieved I was!

When I arrived at the Doctor's office, they presented me with this Certificate which read:

For the Utmost
Courage and Determination
We are proud to Recognize
Deborah Pratt
for completing the prescribed course of Radiation Therapy
With the Highest Degree of Good Nature and Achievement.
We pay a heartfelt tribute to your recovery
Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Radiation Oncology Department Physicians and Staff

Dr Ziegler said I was remarkable
(I told him I was going to quote him on my blog!!
That made me smile!
I told them that it was all about what God had done in me!

The Number Fifty is a very significant number in the Bible!

It is the number of JUBILEE or DELIVERANCE!!!

That is exactly what this day means for me.

Although I didn't have the energy to do my HAPPY DANCE on the outside, you can be assured, I was having a JUBILEE DANCE on the inside!

Although I know that I have some territory to gain back, it is deliverance for me. From this day forward, I will begin to be restored! Thank you Jesus!!

This is the beautiful arrangement sent by my sister, Deatra. It arrived about the time we got home from treatment! The crystal cross in the center is so beautiful!





Today begins my true countdown!!
I don't have to take Chemo on Wednesday!
WEDNESDAY will be my last day of radiation!!

Although I am weak, I'm TRUSTING GOD to sustain me!
I'm resting ALOT these days.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sunday morning I was not strong enough to go to church. This last round of chemo was tough. So I spent the time "resting before the Lord."

The kids all had lunch over at Mama-The-Great's House.
Gary text me when he left Orlando saying that he was going to try to get on an earlier flight home. Thankfully, when he arrived in Houston he was able to get on the next flight out and arrived home around 3 p.m.
It was GOOD to have him home.
He had a GREAT conference in Orlando!
There was no question about it, God had intended for him to keep this speaking engagement.

Cinco was especially happy to have Papa home.
He was so cute, when he looked at some pictures on the phone, he saw one of me and Gary that was taken at Christmas and he pointed to it and said "Grammy feels better"
He was so good!

Cinco loved his Orange construction hat so much that he wanted to wear it home!
Happy boy, headed home!


Shanda, Adolfo and Cinco arrived Friday evening.
Shanda had the "night shift", which meant she didn't get a whole lot of sleep. My nights are pretty restless.

Saturday morning Adolfo cleaned out my refrigerator! PTL!! THANK YOU ADOLF! That was one of those things that was "bugging me:)"

Saturday morning while we were out on the deck, Cinco decided that Mama-the-Great's chair needed to worked on. He was so cute - - VERY SERIOUS about what tools he needed.
He is all boy!

Later in the afternoon it was nice enough for me and my girls to go sit on Sunset Bench. It was so very peaceful and we had some great laughs.

I'm quite sure I could start a HUGE debate, but I want to say for the record, that I HAVE THE BEST KIDS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!

I know this journey has been hard for each one of them, but they each one have met it with a strong attitude of
BELIEVING that better days are ahead!
I'm so grateful for children that know how to pray and believe God!
They have been so strong for me.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my kids!!
I'm so blessed!

(You wouldn't believe how many pictures it took for us to get ALL of our smiling faces in it)


Before we knew about the cancer, we had been invited to do a conference in Orlando, Florida. Even after we knew what my treatment plan would be, we were in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I would be able to make the trip. But that turned out to be an impossibility. So, after 27 years of ministry together, Gary will be doing his first Singles Conference without me. He had to leave the house at 4:00 a.m. to catch a flight out of OKC.
It was more difficult to say goodbye than I had anticipated!
Cindy came early to help me get ready for treatment.
We went to treatment and she was able to see the process.
I was very weak. The last 2 chemo's have been pretty difficult.

Cindy and Shanda will have "mom duty" for the weekend:)


Really Rough!

Still Trusting!



Today is the last round of Chemo! PTL!!!I'm grateful for the wonderful care I have received from the nurses at the Cancer Center. Pictured here are Robin and Debbie. Awesome nurses with very compassionate hearts!
Cindy came by with Gerber Daisies to celebrate the last chemo treatment!!
I have the most wonderful children any parent could EVER ask for. This has not been an easy journey for them either, but they have been such a blessing to us during these difficult days.
I cannot imagine this journey without the love and support of my precious husband. I get VERY emotional when I think about the sacrifices he has made for my comfort! He has been a faithful, loving companion for which I thank God for daily!
I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!