Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LET IT GO..............

We just returned from West Lafayette, Indiana, where I was privileged to have a front row seat at the most entertaining and heart warming concert!  It was in the living room of my Son and Daughter-in-Love's home, where our two year old granddaughter, Leighton was performing her debut of  "LET IT GO".

Leighton's concert wardrobe was given to her by friends, Val and Joy for her Birthday.   As you can see in the video, she was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, which her daddy was quick to assist her with.   As I sat listening to her very dramatic and entertaining rendition of LET IT GO, I heard through my heart's ear, Jesus say, "LET IT GO, Debbie."    I knew exactly what Jesus was saying.............I was holding on to things that I had no control over..........things that I couldn't do anything about.  Things that were heavy on my heart and I just simply needed to LET THEM GO! 

Every day there are things in our lives that we tend to allow to get us down. Some things we can change, but some things we just simply have to let go of,  into the hands of our loving Heavenly Father, that know what to do with them, once we let go of them.

Proverbs 3:5 & 6 - Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  In all of your ways acknowledge Him (LET IT GO) and He will direct your path.

I am once again, in AWE of the faithfulness of God!

When  the burden is to heavy to carry on our own,  LET IT GO!

I love the Message translation of Matthew 11:30 "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Sitting on the front row of my little 2 year old Granddaughter's concert of LET IT GO, I was reminded, that I didn't have to carry the burden any longer, I could LET IT GO into the hands of Jesus, and I could trust Him to figure it out for me.........I'm learning to live freely and lightly.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let THANKFULNESS temper all your thoughts.

The first line in my devotion was “Let THANKFULNESS temper all your thoughts.  A thankful mind-set keeps you in touch with Me.” 

Later in the morning, just before I left to go to the Cancer Center to lead the LIFE MATTERS group, I checked my phone and noticed that I had a new “TimeHop” notification.    TimeHop is an app that helps you see moments of your past.  I discovered it a few months ago.  It’s a digital diary that traces memories from what I posted on Facebook  1 year ago, 2 years ago….even up to 6 years ago.   The particular picture that popped up, stopped me in my tracks.     It was a picture of me sitting in the infusion room of the Cancer Center getting my 6th round of Chemo, along with pics of when Matt and Lisa came to visit.

I loved my FROG blanket....FULLY RELYING ON GOD....given to me by Wanda Gipson

  I told Matt I had gotten a high and tight haircut:) 

Matt sitting with me while I rested


Immediately, the devotion that I read moments before became reality………Let THANKFULNESS temper all your thoughts.”  I was overcome in that moment with a heart of THANKFULNESS and GRATITUDE.  

Each Wednesday, I have the privilege of being with the women that attend the LIFE MATTERS support group at the Leah M. Fitch Cancer Center in Lawton.   Life Matters is a safe comfortable place for women to meet and talk about the physical and emotional aspects of cancer.  Many of the ladies are currently in treatment.  Some have recently finished treatment and are still trying to navigate the changes in their lives after cancer.   

Upon arriving in the parking lot of the Cancer Center, I could not find a parking space.      There is a lot of construction going on at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, so for a few months, parking has been limited all around the Hospital and Cancer Center.  I continued to drive around and finally found a space located quite a distance from the Center.  As I stepped out of the car, into the sunshine of the beautiful, Oklahoma Spring morning, I once again was overcome with a heart of THANKFULNESS.     For one thing, I realized how thankful I was that I had the strength to walk to the entrance on my own, without assistance.  Four years ago, that would not have been possible.  

As I greeted the ladies, I shared that although we have all been through some very traumatic times, perhaps we could each find something that we could be grateful for.      So each one began to share their special moments and a sense of gratefulness began to unfold, grateful tears flowed, smiles began to appear and the laughter engulfed the room as each lady was able to embrace LIFE and share HOPE.  LIFE REALLY DOES MATTER.   I’m so GRATEFUL!    

I’m grateful for the little app that appears on my phone from time to time that gives me an opportunity to remember days past as I look forward to the days ahead with a GRATEFUL HEART.