Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Every night before we say our goodnight to each other, we pray together.  Our prayers are very multifaceted, to include our family, friends, health, church family, etc.  
The prayers that we have been praying concerning our health over the past few years, have been very specific.   Recently, we have continued to pray that my salivary glands would function and that I would be able to eat more variety of foods.  As we prepared for the Daniel Fast, we knew that many of the recipes included tomato products.  So far,  tomatoes have not been tolerable.     When I have accidentally gotten a tomato on something, I would immediately feel the effects of it.  It just wasn’t worth the pain.   

Well today, Gary and I went to Olive Garden for lunch.    They have Minestrone, fresh vegetables, and beans in a light tomato broth.  It is a vegetarian classic.  I decided to try it.  After all, we had prayed before going into the Daniel Fast, that I would be able to tolerate the tomatoes.  The first bite I took was AMAZING!  The second bite I took was GLORIOUS!  The third bite I took I began to BLUBBER and could not stop!  I cried through the 2 BOWLS of Minestrone that I ate!   I kept saying to Gary “I don’t know why I am so emotional over this bowl of soup.”   But I quickly realized that these were tears of GRATEFULNESS!  For the first time since I began to recover from the trauma of this past year, I actually FEEL like I am going to be ok.   


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