Friday, June 7, 2013


Recently I was with a group sharing fun, food and fellowship, otherwise known as "living, laughing,  and eating chocolate".  Right in the middle of sharing an experience, it seemed as though there were 5 other conversations going on, so I stopped talking,'s obvious that what I'm saying is of no interest to the others.......when one person leaned in, made eye contact with me and said, please finish your story.....I'M LISTENING!   In that instant I sensed the Holy Spirit whisper....I'M ALWAYS LISTENING!    It washed over many times have we just felt like NO ONE is listening.....we aren't even sure if God is hearing our prayers, and JESUS leans in and says, "go ahead, tell Me.....I'M LISTENING!"  In fact scripture says "he inclines His ear to me."

Psalm 116:2
For he hath inclined his ear unto me, and I will call upon him during [all] my days.

Think about all of the conversations going on, all the stories being shared with Jesus RIGHT NOW, and yet HE HEARS WHAT I'M SAYING!!!  How incredible is that......I finished my story, and although the whole group did not hear the end of my story, the ONE that it was intended for, heard it and their heart was touched and my heart was touched because I was reminded......that HE IS LEANING IN TO HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!


Heather said...

Greetings Gary and Debbie! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

Gwen Rutz said...

Hi Debbie, I saw your blog address in the bio of your article, God Has a Plan, in the GLife magazine. I enjoy your writing. You're a blessing! = )