Thursday, September 15, 2011

We were in Oklahoma City, when a young woman walked up to me and said "excuse me, I don't mean to offend you, but you are absolutely beautiful in your scarf.  Where did you get your scarf?"   It took me by surprise.  Then she said, "you have inspired me.  I am in my second week of treatment,and I am beginning to lose my hair.   I came today to shop for hats.  But seeing you today, I think I will shop for scarves instead."  I stood there visiting with this young woman, with tears in my eyes.  I thanked her for the compliment, showed her how to wrap a scarf, and she was on her way with her 7 year old daughter.

You see, at the time she gave me that compliment, I was very weak, I was very thin, and I did not feel very pretty.  I felt sick!  Certainly not beautiful.  But after this young woman left, I was gratfeul that my appearance had encouraged a young woman facing the loss of her beautiful hair.  

Today, I was in Dillards picking up a gift.  As I checked out, there were two young sales associates at the register.  One looked up and said "Your hair is so cute!  It's a pixie cut!"  I said "thank you, it's nice to have hair again" and she responded, in her innocence, "what do you mean?"  I told her that I had finished cancer treatment and this was my new haircut.  At that point she said "oh my gosh I am so sorry." (she thought she had offended me.)    I  laughed and told her that I really appreciated her compliment.  The other young woman standing there, said "wow, you aren't just beautiful, you are so fashionable."  At this point, I laughed out loud!  These two young women have no idea what their innocent and refreshing conversation did for me!     The memories of recent days are still so fresh,  it doesn't take much for me to be teary eyed.  As I walked away from that encounter with two young women I thanked God for His continued restoration of my body, my hair, and my strength.

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