Sunday, October 2, 2011


On August 26, I went to Dallas to visit my girlfriends, Amanda and Diane.  Amanda is a hairdresser and has been doing my hair for about 20 years.  When I began to lose my hair, she came and gave me a "high and tight" haircut.  As my hair continued to fall out, it wasn't so dramatic for me.   My hair loss was very random.  It began to thin and fall out in patches.  However, from about the crown of my head in the back it all fell out.  I was totally bald in the back part of my head. So when my hair began to grow back, it was random.   My hair began to grow on top, but the back part of my head remained bald.   On one of my visits to the doctor, he told me that the back hair loss could very possibly be permanent damage from the radiation.    We continued to pray and trust for restoration!
By the time I went to visit Amanda, my hair had begun to grow and fill in.    She put highlights in it, shaped it up, and when she turned me around to look at it, she was crying and when I saw it, I started crying.   She was able to cut it and blend it into a VERY CUTE short  hairstyle.

  I WAS SO EXCITED!!  It was a day I will never forget...............................BUT DID I?

Yesterday, I had washed my hair and didn't fix it immediately, I just let it dry.  Then when I was ready to style it, I put the gel on it and started trying to get the back  to lay down, but all it would do was "flip".  (the back has more curl in it than the top does).  So I put more gel on it, put more water on it, blow dried it, but it still "flipped".  I was standing there looking at it and said, "oh my, I can't get it to stop "flipping" and that's when Jesus said, "it wasn't that long ago that you didn't have hair to flip."  I immediately said, "OH JESUS!!  I'm so sorry!   It's OK if it wants to "flip"!!   I just really DON'T GIVE A FLIP!


Oh how quickly we can forget!  BUT I'M SO THANKFUL that Jesus loves me enough to remind me of His provision!

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