Monday, May 21, 2012


Over the many years that Gary and I have lived in the Lawton/Ft. Sill community, we have attended MANY deployment and redeployment ceremonies.  With each one, a tear always finds its way, trickling down my cheek, when the National Anthem is played and we witness the tearful goodbyes or the joyous reunions of families and friends of soldiers.  My heart however, has never truly grasped the depth of those emotions until I stood in the stands waiting for our son to walk through the doors after a year in Afghanistan. 
The anticipation building with every moment was electrifying.   

I remember 6 years ago watching my son's expression as the doors opened to the sanctuary and he saw his bride walk through the doors.  It was a picture that could only be captured through the lens of my  heart.   It was priceless.  Equal to that photograph in my mind is the snapshot that I took when I saw Lisa's face as she watched with giddy anticipation for her soldier to walk through the doors at the SEC of Ft. Carson.  
Then the music started and the booming lyrics of "I'm Proud To Be An American" began and the tears began to flow.  I have reflected on that moment   Two soldiers, among many,  were being reunited.   One had fought on the battlefield for my freedom, and the other had fought on the battlefield of the homefront to preserve the peace and freedom of my son's  heart.    I'm so grateful! 

HE'S HOME!    Thank you all  for the many prayers you have prayed over the past year for Matt and Lisa!  

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Tammy said...

There are no words to describe that joyous sense of complete relief when you see that uniform and huge smile of our soldiers coming home. After experiencing this for myself after Timothy's time in Iraq last year and how elated I was to see my son come home, it makes me envision the celebration in Heaven every minute that a lost son comes to His Heavenly Father and He say WELCOME HOME MY SON! Timothy spent 6 mos at Fort Sill after his commission and prior to deployment from Fort Hood your community is wonderful to those soldiers. I have several frieds at work and at church who have sent their sons for the first time this year and ask that you keep them in your prayers too.

Love you guys and think of you often,