Friday, May 13, 2011


The 98th Oklahoma District Council convened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 25. The Ordination Service which took place on April 26, without a doubt has been indelibly etched into our hearts and minds!

In the Assemblies of God, attaining Ordination is the highest level of credentials available in the Fellowship.

Gary and I have been in ministry for 27 years. In the beginning of our ministry, we knew that holding credentials with our beloved Assemblies of God, would not be an option. Because of a previous marriage, the standards prescribed by The General Council of the Assemblies of God prohibited our pursuit of credentials. Nevertheless, we were called to the ministry and continued to function in the call God had placed on our lives within the Fellowship of the Assemblies of God.

In recent years the General Council standards on remarriage/credentialing were revised. We were contacted officially to apply for our credentials, which we did.

On April 26, 2011, we realized a miracle/dream come true. We never thought we would see this day.

We are so grateful for our wonderful family and friends that celebrated with us, either in person, texts, phone calls or cards. The journey has been a very rewarding one. Thank you for sharing this monumental event with us.

When our application process began, neither Gary or me were having any health issues. However, in August of 2009 Gary was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That was a difficult year as we walked through the uncertainties of his diagnosis and treatment. In October 2010, Gary’s 1 year test results came back cancer free. We took a trip of a lifetime to Israel with our dear friends Ron and Christie Woodson. We celebrated Gary’s good reports and rejoiced in God’s faithfulness.

Upon our return from Israel in November 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer. In spite of the challenges we have faced over the past 2 years, we continue to experience God’s Faithfulness!

We look forward to what God has on the horizon, as we continue to walk in the calling He has placed on our lives. We BELIEVE our BEST days are ahead.

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Laurette said...

Congratulations and glory to God, Debbie and Gary! He is faithful who promised. And YES, your best days are ahead!!! Hallelujsh!

Paul and I send our love to you and your blessed family,
Laurette (: