Friday, June 17, 2011


In the United Sates, 3,000 couples get married each day. On June 17, 2006, this couple was one in a million in our books. Matt and Lisa dated through their High School years and through Matt's 4 years at West Point. Two weeks after graduation from West Point, they were married. Lisa married our son, knowing what the Military life would expect of her. She knew there would be separations, both from Matt and her family, many moves and untold sacrifices. And yet, she loved our son and was willing to become an "Army Wife". I well remember their wedding day, when I stepped into the Bridal Room and saw my son's bride. She was radiant! I took her face in my hands, and said, "I came to welcome the newest Mrs. Pratt into our family." Lisa wrote a song for their wedding that she sang to Matt, "Keeper of My Heart". Actually, it was a poem Matt had written for her and she put it to music and sang it to him. It has been evident over these past 5 years that Matt and Lisa have been the keeper of each others hearts. They have endured one deployment already. On June 6 they embarked on another journey, as Matt was deployed to Afghanistan. Two days after Matt left, Lisa received word that her brother, JT, who has been battling cancer, was hospitalized in Houston in critical condition. Lisa and her family have been by JT's side, as he continues to fight and KEEP THE FAITH. JT came through the surgery that replaced his heart with an artifical heart. Although he is still in criticall condition, they are seeing progress and Miracles are happening every day, as many continue to pray and KEEP THE FAITH for JT.

So today, I want to wish Matt and Lisa a Happy Anniversary. Although they have been faced with unusual circumstances and unwanted separations, they continue to embrace their love for one another and their committment to serve our nation.

I pray that each of you, my friends and family, will continue to pray for God's shield of protection around those who defend this country, so they will be delivered out of harm's way!

I invite you to join me as I pray Psalm 91 over Matt daily!

On June 4th, Matt and Lisa revewed their vows in a beautiful ceremony in Colorado Springs, officiated by their Pastors, Todd and Kelly Hudnall.


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