Thursday, June 23, 2011


Several months ago, Shanda called and told me that she wanted to surprise her daddy for Father's Day and needed to check the calendar to make sure he would be available. She wanted to take him to the PGA Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. When the time came for her to let Gary know what she was giving him for Father's day, you would have thought it was Christmas. He was so excited!

We went to Bridgeport, Texas on Friday night. Adolfo and Shanda have been hosting a Bible Study for some of the Texas Troopers that Adolfo works with. He had ask Gary to come and speak for the Study. We had a great time with everyone and definitely knew that it was a God ordained appointment. God showed up and hearts were ministered to.

Saturday morning, Grammy had Cinco all to myself. We slept in, had a late breakfast, went for walks, had snacks under the shade tree, talked about every bird that flew over, had more snacks, sat on the porch and talked about everything and nothing. Treasured moments with my grandson.

I made Cinco scrambled eggs (with ketchup) for breakfast. In the middle of eating, he laid his fork down and looked up at me and said "Grammy do you feel better this morning". Through my tears I said "Yes, Cinco, I do feel better" and he said "Good Grammy, we can play" It was then that I realized, that even my 3 year old grandson was aware and sensitive to what was going on.

The new addition to the Patterson family is "Toodles" Such a cute little schnauzer. She follows Cinco around like a shadow.

Gary and Shanda had a great time at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament, but I am convinced they didn't have as much fun as Cinco and I had:)

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