Saturday, June 18, 2011

S.A.Y. Revealed

From day one when we shared that I had been diagnosed with cancer, the outpouring of love and support from family and friends was overwhelming! As the days began to unfold, I began to receive cards and gifts and they were simply signed " S.A.Y." Some days I would receive 3-5 cards a day from S.A.Y. It became evident that it was a network of people that was sending the cards, because there was a variety of handwriting. I have shared on the blog before, how intrigued I was. These cards were coming with messages that were so timely with what I was experiencing at the time. I told Gary, "whoever this is, does not need recognition, they are simply coming alongside me in prayer and encouragement!
There was not one day that I did not receive something from S.A.Y.

On May 29, the LFA Singles held their dinner and a movie. Gary said he would like for me to go even if it was just for a little while. This was the first Sunday night I had felt like attending. So when we arrived and walked into the Youth Center, there were tables set up in a circle, with one table in the center and that is where they ask me to be seated. I thought how thoughtful of them to welcome me back, little did I know what was happening. I HAD NO IDEA.

After the meal, one by one, people began to stand up and quote a verse from Psalm 91. I quickly realized they were quoting the scripture to ME! (many times in the cards, Psalm 91 was referred to). Then Aletha, (our coordinator of LFA Singles) stood up and said "Pastor Debbie, we know that you have been receiving cards, gifts, and flowers from S.A.Y. and you have wondered who that was. Well, look around at the faces and you will know. S.A.Y. stands for SINGLES AROUND YOU. I burst into tears. They had no idea how TIMELY the cards and what they wrote in them were. They had ministered to me from afar, touching the depths of my heart so gently with each of their encouraging acts of love. They truly displayed what love and compassion is really all about.

I still receive a card now and then from S.A.Y. and it makes me SMILE! The point is not to know who sends the card, but to know THE SPIRIT that the card has been sent with.

THANK YOU S.A.Y. for every prayer you prayed, every card, gift and flowers you sent. My TRUSTING JOURNEY was strengthened by your faithful, consistent encouragement.

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