Friday, April 8, 2011


After my last radiation treatment, Ashley took my mask off!
I CANNOT tell you how relieved I was!

When I arrived at the Doctor's office, they presented me with this Certificate which read:

For the Utmost
Courage and Determination
We are proud to Recognize
Deborah Pratt
for completing the prescribed course of Radiation Therapy
With the Highest Degree of Good Nature and Achievement.
We pay a heartfelt tribute to your recovery
Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Radiation Oncology Department Physicians and Staff

Dr Ziegler said I was remarkable
(I told him I was going to quote him on my blog!!
That made me smile!
I told them that it was all about what God had done in me!

The Number Fifty is a very significant number in the Bible!

It is the number of JUBILEE or DELIVERANCE!!!

That is exactly what this day means for me.

Although I didn't have the energy to do my HAPPY DANCE on the outside, you can be assured, I was having a JUBILEE DANCE on the inside!

Although I know that I have some territory to gain back, it is deliverance for me. From this day forward, I will begin to be restored! Thank you Jesus!!

This is the beautiful arrangement sent by my sister, Deatra. It arrived about the time we got home from treatment! The crystal cross in the center is so beautiful!

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