Sunday, April 17, 2011


As we consulted with my physicians and look closely at the timeline for my treatment, I realized that there were going to be some dates that were very important to me.

1. Girlfriend's Birthday Bash on April 15
2. Our Ordination on April 26
3. Family Vacation following Ordination

These dates have given me incentive to work towards specific goals and keep focused.

Although I was able to make the preliminary plans and for the Birthday Bash, many details were left to the Task Force and so many Girlfriends that offered their assistance to the Task Force, in so many different areas. This multi-talented team of women took care of every detail and the Birthday Bash on April 15 was a HUGE Success.I want to say a huge thank you to the Team of LFA Women that worked so diligently. You are each servants after God's own heart. Your love for the Girlfriend's Ministry is evident and your commitment is appreciated by all. I couldn't be more blessed to serve alongside you.

The TRUSTING T-Shirts with the lavendar ribbon (which represents all cancer) was designed and sold for this event to honor those who have fought the fight against cancer and for those that are in the fight against cancer. We had special prayer for these women, as we continue to TRUST God for His healing touch upon their lives! The proceeds of these shirts will be going toward the Indigent Medication Fund of CCSWOK. (if you would like to buy a T-Shirt, you can contact the office at 536-9325)

Although I lost my voice and early in the week I was extremely weak, I kept believing, TRUSTING that I would be able to attend! God was FAITHFUL!

If you know anything about me, you know that I love ministering to Women! It was a very emotional experience for me when I actually stepped through the doors at the Girlfriend's Birthday Bash. I was overwhelmed! These women have been part of the awesome network of prayer warriors that have prayed for me, provided meals for my family, provided so much support through cards and gifts, while on this journey. I am so GRATEFUL for each one of them!!

Michelle Pilcher, Director of the Women's Ministry for the State of Oklahoma presented our M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Project, Equipping the Kitchen at our new campground! The Girlfriends were AMAZING!! They gave over $3,000.00!!!

Our special guest speaker was Thelma Wells! EVERYONE LOVED MAMA "T"!! She brought an awesome word on TRUSTING!

I met Thelma (Mama T) last August at the National District Women’s Leadership Seminar, in Springfield, Missouri. There was an instant connection. In fact, when Thelma heard that I was from Lawton, she said “Oh, I know where Lawton is, we used to buy cosmetics from Edna Hennesey! I want to come to Lawton” and that set the plans in motion for the Girlfriend's Birthday Bash !!

It wasn’t until the morning of February 2, 10:30 a.m. when Thelma called and said “Pastor Debbie, I am calling you this morning to tell you JESUS KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE SITTING.” That morning in particular, I was sitting in my recliner, feeling very overwhelmed with what lay ahead of me. And Mama T began to pray, “God what are you going to do about this? Satan is a liar, GOD YOU ARE IN CONTROL……. That’s when the spirit connection took place!

We were so HONORED to have Thelma as our guest.

Michelle Pilcher, (Oklahoma Women's Director), Debbie and Thelma Wells (our guest speaker)
Debbie and Thelma
Michelle, Debbie, Linda and Thelma
Deatra (my sister), Debbie and Thelma
There were close to 450 women!!Checking out G-Life (the magazine produced by Girlfriends)

Thelma Wells was INCREDIBLE! There were so many obstacles that she had to overcome to even get to Lawton. She was flying from Dallas. She was in flight, when they had to turn around and go back to DFW because of high winds. Her flight to Lawton was canceled. Then she couldn't get her luggage, couldn't get a rental car. Her daughter Vikki picked her up at the airport,k drove her to Lawton and they arrived, just in time for the Birthday Bash! She was meant to be here and the enemy was trying everything he could to detour her. He didn't win!!!

On Friday afternoon the winds in Lawton were blowing at 50 mph with gusts up to 60. Fires began to break out in the West part of Lawton, and neighborhoods were evacuated. It was a very volatile situation! Thankfully, the fires were contained and no occupied homes were destroyed. We are so grateful for all of the firefighters that so diligently fought the fires so hard. We were all able to return to our homes after the Birthday Bash.

Although there appeared to be obstacles at every turn, the Girlfriends, PRAYED, BELIEVED and TRUSTED and God showed up and SHOWED OFF!! It was a GREAT night where God received ALL the glory and the enemy did NOT win!!!

He could not keep me from getting to Girlfriends
He could not keep Mama T from getting to Girlfriends
He could not stop the GIRLFRIENDS from getting to Girlfriends


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