Saturday, April 16, 2011


Early in my treatment process, my doctors did their part in preparing me for the days that I would face after radiation. However, I don't think one can be totally prepared! I truly didn't anticipate the amount of pain and difficulty I would have following the completion of the treatment.

Many have congratulated me on the completion of the treatment, and believe me I receive those congratulations and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have decided to stop numbering the days. As I walk through this phase of my recovery, much of my time and energy is totally being spent on regaining strength and focus. I have days I do well with that and then I have "OTHER" days. What I can tell you, is that God is FAITHFUL, and I am gaining strength daily!

In fact, the other morning, I took a picture of my first "happy bowl" of Oatmeal! May not seem like much, but it was MONUMENTAL for me! It took me from breakfast - lunch to do it, and many trips to the microwave to heat again, BUT I made it!

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