Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Shanda and Adolfo - Mama and Papa's 60th Anniversary 2008
Matt and Lisa - Mama and Papa's Wedding Anniversary 2008

The Love of a Family is Life's GREATEST BLESSING
Love doesn't make the world go round;
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile!
ENJOYING THE RIDE with our precious family

Love our GRANDS

Fara, Dee and Debbie after the clean up of the fire in mom and dad's kitchen in January 2010
Cindy, Matt and Shanda at Mama and Papa's 60th Anniversary
Can you tell they are OU fans?
Aunt Shanda and Neely
Fara, Rick, Debbie and Dee
(taken at Pa Davis' Homegoing)
Davis Family
Daddy and his girls
Shanda and Mom
Debbie and Gary waiting to see Matt returning from Iraq for R&R, April 2009
Gary - Mr. Cool
Neely, Megan and Papa at his Birthday party
Daddy and "his girls"
Adolf, Cinco and Shanda, Christmas 2008
Debbie and Daddy at Mom and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary
Cindy and Jason at Papa and Mama's 60th Anniversary

Mama and Papa Davis at their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Having a picnic with Cinco and Neely
Gary - ContemplationMom and Dad, Thanksgiving 2010
Mama Pratt - Thanksgiving 2010
Matt, Shanda, Cindy, Thanksgiving 2010
Mama and Gary, Thanksgiving 2010
Lisa, Debbie and Fara (trip to Grand Junction 2009)
Havin' fun - Thanksgiving 2010
Gary and Matt - Thanksgiving 2010
Gary and Debbie - Thanksgiving 2010
During the summer months, I hosted guests each week in the Women's ABF Class.
We sat on the bench and sipped lemonade.
My Mom was one of my VERY SPECIAL GUESTS
I loved having her sharing her early years and the journey she has been on in the ministry with my daddy. Priceless nuggets were share with the Girlfriends of LFA
Debbie and Lisa
Debbie and Gary enjoying the evening out on the patio with a fire
We love our home!
Debbie and Deatra at Girlfriends STRONG
Cindy, Mom, Shanda
Girlfriends Strong
Debbie - deep thoughts..............

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