Friday, February 25, 2011


My sister, Fara, is a realtor in Colorado. She told me that one of the agents in her office wanted to send me a couple of hats that she had worn. She is a cancer survivor. So today, when Gary checked the mail, he brought a package in. As I opened it, I knew that this gal was definitely a GIRLFRIEND! One of the hats was black and had leopard trim and the other one was covered in BLING!! Well, you know me, I had to wear the BLING hat right away:) Her note to me was a precious reminder that in God's Family we are all "sisters in the Lord". Though I have never met this wonderful new Girlfriend, I was embraced by her love. Thank you sweet Leta.

I am at Julio's getting ready to eat lunch. Love the hat, Leta!

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Dorthy said...

Trusting the Lord with you. You look beautiful as you always have and will! You are even more beautiful inside.