Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Day 6 started out with my girlfriend, Christie picking me up at 9:15. First stop was radiation. As I went in for Radiation, Christie sat in the waiting room, reading scripture over me. I felt God's peace. When I came out Jessica, Christie's daughter was sitting with her. She gave me a card that I have to share with you. IT MADE ME LAUGH! Thank you Jessica!!!

We had a couple of errands to run in town and then we headed to OKC to look for a wig. Several years ago, when Christie's daughter, Regan needed a wig temporarily, she had met a wonderful, caring lady named Ann Patton. Her salon is called "The Egyptian Salon" Here is a link you can go to:


We arrived in OKC in time to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A. A grilled chicken salad w/fruit sounded really good! (my norm at Chick-Fil-A is the chicken strips, fries, lots of sauce and a coke) But my tastes are changing and some things don't sound good to me, so when I find something that sounds good, I EAT IT. The other night, I wanted a cheeseburger and the next night I wanted tacos. Christie said she thought I was going to lick the plate clean:) I ate every bite of the salad. After lunch, we went for our appointment with Ann. I at no moment felt awckward, or sad. I was little anxious, because you start talking about what brought you to the salon in the first place, but they put me at ease immediately. After all I was with my girlfriend and in the company of new girlfriends, so I began trying on wigs. The first few, I wasn't crazy about, but when they put the one on that I got, it felt comfortable. I tried on some turbans and scarfs also. Towards the end of our time, decision made, Gary showed up because we had a banquet to attend in the evening. When he saw the wig on me, he liked it, so the decision was final.
So, my take away from that shopping experience: there are advantages of losing your hair, and seriously, if I have a "bald head" day, I will have a beautiful wig to put on it!

I needed a short wig, because I can't have it on my neck.
Christie, Ann and Debbie

After leaving the salon, Gary and I went to Johnna and Joe's home in Edmond so that I could change clothes for the Ordination Banquet.
I will post pictures and talk about the Banquet in a later post.

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Randy said...

Dearest Girlfriend,

You look beautiful! You have the best attitude...... and it's REFRESHING! I pray for you always, and think of you daily.