Thursday, February 24, 2011


2nd Round of Chemo went ok. Gary wasn't feeling well, so as soon as they got my IV started, I talked him into going to the Doctors office. His eyes had almost swollen shut. So he went and once the nurse took a look at him, she said he had to stay and see the doctor. Thankfully, they were able to get him in immediately. He got some meds and headed back down to sit with me. So, when you pray, remember Gary also! I'm so grateful for a husband that is so tender and loving towards me. Even when He didn't feel well, he was doing everything to make me comfortable and smiling. I love him.

The blanket was brought to me by my girlfriend, Wanda Gipson. It has green frogs all over it. She said that it stands for Fully Relying On God.
That I AM doing!

Two down! Thank you for your continued prayers on my behalf!!
I go in every Wednesday for Radiation, Lab, Dr. Visit, then Chemo. The day starts around 8:15 and ends around 3:00. I have been pretty wiped out by the time I get home. It takes a few hours before I get my legs under me:)

I'm so blessed to have a Pastoral Staff and Support Staff that is wonderful, compassionate and supportive. Linda Barnes is sitting with me while Gary preaches on Wednesday night. That is a highlight of his week. He loves preaching to the awesome congregation of LFA!
The time with Linda has been refreshing to my spirit as she cares, shares and prays for me. I'm so abundantly blessed and I am so very grateful!

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