Thursday, February 24, 2011


On Tuesday, they allowed Gary to come into the Treatment room. Here are two of the wonderful ladies that take care of me. They are very kind, always with a smile! They have always put me at ease and allowed me to prepare in my own time.
Ashley is getting me situated on the table
Align CenterI'm placing my lollipop in my mouth. That's a little more appealing name for the block I have in my mouth during the treatment
The mask is being secured
Lining up the laser beams
Preparing to administer the radiation treatment
Once this is in place they leave the room and go into the control center

This is the control center where they can hear me and watch me.
Ashley was explaining the radiation process to Gary

At the beginning of this treatment process I was extremely tense. Each day that I have gone in, Gary has been in a private waiting room for the radiation patient's family. There he reads scripture and prays over me while I am in the treatment. I know that so many of you have been praying for me every day at 9:45 - I have felt the prayers.
After the first day, I was sharing with my daddy how intense it was for me. He said, "Baby, this morning as I was praying for you, the Lord reminded me of a song and I began singing it over you. So tomorrow when you go in, you just remember this song and you will be comforted."
The song was : Shut In With God in a Secret place, there in His presence beholding His face, finding the courage to run this life's race, Oh how I love to be Shut In With God." So the next morning, as I went in I began thinking about the words to the song, knowing that Gary had chosen scripture for Peace, and I wasn't tense.

I'm finding that as I am SHUT IN WITH GOD, He is speaking.

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barbara said...

My dear friend Debbie. I am so sorry you are going through this cancer treatment, but know God WILL bring you through to the other end and it will be with a rich BLESSING like you are to sooo many. Praying for you.
Barb and Barry Willey