Thursday, February 17, 2011


On August 3, 2009 - we found out that Gary had Prostate Cancer.

After much Prayer and research, Gary decided to have the Robotic Prostate Surgery in Oklahoma City at Mercy Hospital, on October 14, 2009. His recovery has been very successful. The first year after prostate surgery, a blood test is taken every three months. On Oct. 8, 2010, the Friday before leaving for Israel, we received the good news that Gary was declared 1 year cancer free.

Just before his surgery on October 14, 2009, Ron and Christie Woodson invited us to go on a trip to Israel. We made plans to go believing that Gary would be cancer free and that we would celebrate in the Holy Land. Little did we know that almost exactly 2 months after Gary's report of 1 year cancer free, we would get the report that I had cancer. WHAT A SHOCK.

Day 1 of Treatment - After we were settled in and my IV was started, Gary went to get a Dr. Pepper. When he returned, he sat down and said that he was going to go ahead and start his treatment also. He made me laugh so hard, I cried. I LOVE THIS MAN!

A couple of days before I started treatment, we were at the hospital getting some of my prescriptions filled, Gary decided to get his PSA checked (with all that had been going on with me, he was late in having the 3 month PSA check)

Just before they started the IV of Chemo for me, Gary went to his doctors office and returned with the GREAT NEWS!! His PSA was 0!! PRAISE THE LORD! He is now on 6 month check-ups. We are so thankful for God's continued faithfulness and for restoring Gary's health. Now, he will walk with me through the valley.

One thing I know, there will be tears along the way, but Gary will be there to help me laugh! I LOVE THIS MAN!

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