Thursday, February 17, 2011


Preparing to leave for my first radiation and chemotherapy treatment. I will be doing 5 days a week of radiation and chemotherapy every Wednesday. I made a shake of 4 scoops of ice cream, 1 banana, and Strawberry Ensure. Thanks to my daughter-in-love, she forgot her blender bottle and it is perfect for my " on the go shakes!!"
I had my radiation treatment first. That was a little intense. In a later post I will talk about the radiation. Here, I have my IV going. There are several meds that are given before I got the chemo. Thankfully, I received 2 different kinds of anti-nausea medicine. I'm grateful for that! When I chose the blanket to take with me, I decided on the West Point blanket. It was representative to me, that if my son, Matt had the courage to go fight a war, I could have the courage to fight this battle! Thank you Matt and Lisa for your service to our country!
A very precious friend, Melody, brought this FAITH BLOCK to me. She is a cancer VICTOR!!
She was a sweet encouragement to me.
All through the day I continually received messages from friends and family, either by text, facebook or phone calls. (I even got a video from Lisa, but I promised I wouldn't post it) It did make me laugh.

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