Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning when I awakened, I embraced the fact that this was the day the Lord had made and I would rejoice in it. I was grateful to be in the 2nd service and be with our wonderful church family.
Leta, I wore the hat you sent me. Imagine this...........I had the PERFECT jacket to wear with the leopard trim hat!

After service we came home to a wonderfully prepared meal, of which I was able to eat! PTL!

This afternoon Gary and I walked a mile (before it got so windy!). When we returned home, we had our glorious Sunday afternoon nap:)

This morning in service, I shared with the congregation one of the nuggets, the Lord spoke to my heart during Radiation last week: Your neediness, when responded to properly, is a link into the Presence of God. As Gary and I went to bed last evening, we had a need. I desperately wanted to be well enough to attend church. We prayed. We slept well and was able to enjoy our Day of Worship!

Enjoyed having Meg and Neely stop by this evening!
They also showed Grammy how to do the Elliptical. They make it look so EASY!! (NOT!!!)

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