Thursday, February 24, 2011


This morning after I finished radiation I felt good so we stopped by the office for a few minutes.
Left to right: Tashia, Debbie (sporting my new hat that Pastor Lacey and Paula bought me) Cindy (my daughter) and Danyel!

The Pastoral Staff along with other Team Leaders of LFA, went to Gateway for the Connect Pastor's Conference. We always look forward to this conference, but this year we were unable to go. They were so thoughtful and brought great CD's, DVD's and this snappy hat that I could not wait to wear:) The gals went to Charmin' Charlies! I LOVE THAT PLACE!! It has more bling in one place than should be legal!! It is such a fun place to shop! They took a picture for me though and let me know they missed me.

Thank you staff for your thoughtfulness! You are LOVED!

Today I have been very tired. After I got home, around 11:00 I rested for a while. Gary had appointments at the office, so I called my neighbor Renee and ask her if she would walk a mile with me. It took us a little longer and a couple of rests along the way, but we made it. Thank you Renee for joining me in a leisurely stroll:)
It was a beautiful day and by this evening, I felt like catching up on my blog.
This afternoon these beautiful yellow roses were delivered to me. Someone knows how much I love yellow roses. They were sent with a note of encouragement that spoke to my heart.
Thank you!

My darlin' is trying to put some weight on me. (I lost 3 lbs) so he took me to Braums and got me a butterfinger mix! That's a good end to the day!

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