Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My girlfriend, Jan Bohn sent me this encouraging message:
Monday = Miracles working
Tuesday = Trusting Always
Wednesday = Wonders He will prove
Thursday = Testimony to be given
Friday = Fearless attitude
Saturday = Sovereignty over illness
Sunday = Smiling in your victory

So, today is Tuesday = Trusting Always! It has been a good day. I continue to hear from so many of you, my wonderful friends and family, with so many encouraging words. I am being nourished by the food so many of you have blessed us with.

This morning we went to treatment, I came home to rest and Gary went to the office for staff meeting. Gary came home for lunch and then went back to the office for a while.
Later in the afternoon, LT and I took a stroll out to the bench. As I sat and looked at the trees, thinking about how the winter months are passing and spring is on it's way, I noticed that there were some buds on some of our trees. I felt the Lord whisper, "daughter, your winter will soon be over and you will bloom again." I sat, basking in the sweet presence and the wonderful "SONSHINE"!!

I was joined on the bench by my neighbor, Renee for a few minutes, while Mickey and Minnie (her two puppies) played with LT. (Renee snapped a pic of Christie and Me on the bench.)

Christie joined me on the bench for some much needed Girlfriend time! It was so good to just sit and listen to the birds, it was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. You know that you are in the presence of a Girlfriend when no words have to be spoken. I'm not really much of a conversationalist right now, but the "Ministry of Presence" is such a sweet present.
When we came in from the bench, Scott's House of Flowers delivered these flowers to me from Christie. I have never seen Gerber Daisies like these. They are beautiful! Thank you Christie!

This afternoon, Christal Hankins and Courtney Fox came by and brought some stew, cornbread and apple dumplings! OH MY!! I couldn't believe Christal was out delivering food to me! She is within days of delivering her Baby!! I cannot wait for the birth of this precious, miracle baby!

This evening, we are packing my bag, preparing for my 3rd Chemo Treatment. Your continued prayers, love and support are valued!

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