Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was able to go to Morning Worship this morning. Of all days for me to decide to wear my wig:) The wind gusts were up to 32 mph. I have to tell you, I wondered if we would be chasing my wig through the parking lot of the church:) But it was all good! I was greeted at the church by our wonderful valet team. Jay made sure I got in safely. I was a little weak today. After being greeted by the incredible Greeter Team, the first person I got to see was Major Rhonda Williams who is home on R&R. I was so delighted to get to see her. She continues to be in my thoughts and prayers as she serves our country!

It is always so good to be with our church family.
Being with you in Worship as we enter into the presence of God, gives me strength.
Although I'm not able to hug many necks, please know that I am hugging you in my heart!
Thank you Darlene and Miweon for driving me to Mama's. I laid down for a while until the family arrived for lunch. Today, I wasn't able to eat with them, so I went on over to the house and rested. I did however eat some mashed potatoes and squash later. Thank you Mama for preparing it for me.

Gary went to the church around 5:00 to prepare to cook for the singles. Later in the evening, Ron and Patricia came by. They have been on vacation with their family in Florida. Thank you for the hat (I'll probably have to wear it tomorrow), but most of all, thank you for the prayer time that you shared with me.

I'm truly grateful for the many friends and family that continue to pray on my behalf.

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Janie said...

Thinking of you and loving you girlfriend!
Janie Hull