Thursday, March 10, 2011


It was not a WIMPY WEDNESDAY! I woke up feeling strong - in fact I felt GIRLFRIEND STRONG, so I donned my shirt and my cap as I went into my 4th round of Chemo. We arrived at the Leah M. Fitch Cancer Center at about 8:20. First appointment was the radiation treatment, then off to see Dr. Ziegler. I felt sure that if I had lost any weight it was minimal, because I felt strong. When I stepped up on the scales, I was so relieved. I had lost less than a pound! PTL!!! Dr. Ziegler and his nurse Jayne are wonderful! So grateful for their kind care for me.
After my appointments in radiation, I went to lab to have the screening done to make sure I am ok to take the chemo treatment. This usually takes about an hour. Then I had my appointment with Dr. Nimeh, my oncologist. He was pleased with everything and was very encouraging to me. I'm so grateful for the wonderful physicians that God has placed in my path!

Then we were off to Chemo Round #4. As I was being prepped for my IV, the front desk receptionist brought a package back to me. The bag itself was adorable! But what was in it made me cry. It was a Zebra covered heating pad with BLING on it!

We brought the heating pad that someone had brought to the church to donate to the Center. When we presented it to them, they were very appreciative. However, the Zebra one stays with me:) Again, I don't know who brought the gift. But it had a Godly Girlfriends
fingerprint all over it.
I'm telling you, my GIRLFRIENDS ROCK!

I took Alicia Britt Chole's book with me called Conversations. WOW!!!
I will be featuring one of the chapter's in the next G-Life. Alicia will be our guest for the August Girlfriends Event. I also needed to go over the final paperwork for Thelma Wells! I am so excited about the April 15 Girlfriends Birthday Bash. Plans are in full swing! The Girlfriends Ministry Team are getting prepared for a GREAT TIME WITH THE GIRLFRIENDS! Tickets have already gone on sale. Get your ticket early!
We didn't finish treatment this time until 5:00 p.m. I was exhausted when I got home. Girlfriend, Linda arrived about 6:00 p.m. She and Pastor gave me a card that really did make me laugh! The front says: "Some guys are convinced they can fix anything with duct tape. (Inside) Sometimes it's best to leave the fixin to the professionals. You just rest up and feel better soon." They said the card really should have had Gary's name on it, because we all know how much Gary loves duct tape:)

The rest of the evening was a pretty shaky one. I was glad to have Linda with me, although I argued that she should be at the Victory Celebration (our churches business meeting). I'm so thankful for Pastor Don and Linda. They are not only our Pastors, but they are our treasured friends. Thank you for being servants after God's own heart. I'm so blessed by you!

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