Saturday, March 19, 2011


Friday morning Gary attended a funeral, so Dee took me to Radiation. I was glad she could be with me and meet the wonderful "Girlfriend Radiation Techs" that take such good care of me. They showed her around and explained the process to her. She then sat in the private waiting area, reading scripture and praying over me while in treatment. I'm so grateful for all of the prayers that so many friends and family pray daily over me! Those prayers are sustaining me. After treatment we came home. It was a beautiful morning, no wind, so we went out to soak up some fresh air!!

We decided to take a stroll to the bench and I took this awesome picture of Dee.
Sitting on the bench and listening to the birds sing, the fountain in the pond splash, dogs barking, and just the fresh feel of spring is so refreshing to me. I cherish each moment on the bench, where words never have to be spoken in the quiet conversation of hearts!
I'm so blessed.

Dee had not seen me in my wig, so I put on a fashion show.

There were several errands I needed Dee to run for me before she headed back to Ardmore, so when she returned in the afternoon, I knew that her time with me was coming to a close.
I was feeling very emotional about it.

I enjoyed every moment that she was here. I have been so touched by her tender care for me. She has done laundry, cleaned house, shopped, more laundry, decorated, and more!
She has been sensitive to the quiet that I need (I think she got some good reading in also:)
As she prepared to leave, I could not stop the tears.
I love you Big Sister!

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