Friday, March 18, 2011


Today is so much better than last Thursday. I am actually feeling stronger today. I had good rest last night and I'm having the breakfast for "champs":) Actually, it's just Malt-O-Meal. While we were sitting in the living room, the sun was coming up, shining through the living room door, casting it's beautiful rays throughout the room. Dee said when she looked up it appeared to be a rainbow over my head. I'm not one to want to take pictures early in the morning, is what it is and it was a GOOD morning!

I got ready to go for treatment and since it was St. Patrick's Day I decided to go all out with the GREEN!

Every day when I arrive at the center I am greeted with a very beautiful, bubbly smile from Alison. They went all out on the decorating for St. Patrick's Day. Even the sign in pens were light-up Shamrocks. Even on those days when I don't feel so good, I always feel the warmth and care, as soon as I
walk in the door.

After we returned from treatment, I rested and then felt like taking a walk out to the bench. Even though it isn't that far out to where my bench is located, I found that I needed a resting spot. We will probably need to put a bench at this tree for me to rest at on the way. It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to be outside!
When we arrived at the bench, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. I had an idea who might have put them I called my neighbor, Renee and ask if she would come out and take a picture of Dee and me on the bench. Thank you Renee for the BEAUTIFUL flowers! I will continue to enjoy them everytime I come to the bench!
It was a GOOD day! I am so grateful that my sister Dee is able to be here for a few days. Most of you know that Linda Barnes has been staying with me on Wednesday nights. This week, Linda wasn't feeling well and was home sick herself on Wednesday. Another detail that God took care of. Dee was on Spring Break and was able to come spend a few days! I'm so blessed to have such a loving, caring, sister! I'm not looking forward to her going home!When Gary got home, Dee told him about needing to move something for me to sit on halfway out to the bench. So our neighbor, Brent came and helped Gary move another bench to the halfway point:) That evening, Gary and I walked out to our new spot for watching the Sunset and was able to enjoy the sunset together. Our favorite time of day, our favorite moments spent together. WHAT A WAY TO END OUR DAY! In the glow of the Sunset, grateful for the love that Gary and I share for one another. I LOVE THIS MAN!


susiebeth1 said...

You are rockin' the hat girl!! You look great! :)
You are been loved & cared for by some awesome people. God is so good!
I am praying for you & your sweetheart. :)

Randy said...

...... and you're SMILING in every picture! You amaze me!

Love you!

Randy said...

.... btw I don't know why I'm signed in as Randy, but I am the one who left the comment earlier!

~ Jackie Somerlott