Thursday, March 3, 2011

TRUSTING - DAY - 15 - CHEMO 3rd Round

Many years ago, I made a covenant with God, that if I was awakened in the middle of the night, I wouldn't think that it was because I had eaten something wrong or drank too much tea or coffee. I wouldn't lay there tossing and turning, trying to go back to sleep, but that I would get up, go to my chair in the living room where I spend quiet time with God. I decided that He had awakened me for a reason. What I began to realize was that He just wanted to spend time with me in the quiet, night hours. Those times have become very precious to me. He has spoken many things deep into my spirit, that I ponder and pray over. Well, recently, I have found that those morning hours still hold the same purpose, but something has been added to it. 3 scoops of Ice Cream:) My doctor told me the other day, that if I wake up in the middle of the night, and feel like I can, I should eat something (fattening)!! So, here I sit with my bowl of Ice Cream, listening, praying, thanking God, that many of you have been on the night-watch with me. You have sent me text or e-mails to let me know that God has awakened you to pray for me. THANK YOU!!! He has awakened me, to pray for some of you! I love you and thank God for the wonderful friends and family that He has blessed me with. Next time you are on the night-watch, go ahead and sneak a little ice-cream!!

My days on Wednesday start early. Radiation first, appointment with my wonderful radiologist, Dr. Ziegler, lab, and then off to chemo. My lab results were good, I had lost another 1 1/2 (thank you Pastor Matt and Pastor Heath for the suggestion of Whey shakes and thank you Gigi for providing me with the individual cup blender! I am now putting them to good use!!)

My 3rd round Chemo nurse was sweet Robin. She told me a funny story about her scrubs. She said one of the doctors told her she shouldn't wear that bright orange uniform outside, someone might mistake her for an inmate. She made me laugh!

Once Robin got my IV started, I felt the need to change hats!!! I felt the need for some BLING!!! This "personalized" DP Bling hat was sent to me from S.A.Y! I don't know who that is, but I get a card pretty much every day from S.A.Y. and flowers. I am truly blessed beyond measure! I am thankful that S.A.Y. did not put my middle initial on the hat! teehee! (if you don't know, my middle name is Inez and that would have personalized my hat as D.I.P.) NOW THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SPECIAL. I'm just' :)
When I arrived home from Chemo, I had a gift waiting for me. This is from my Secret Pal! WOW! These secret sisters sure do know me:)
After I arrived home from Chemo, I was pretty much wiped out. I laid down for a bit and actually didn't get up for about 3 1/2 hours. By this time, Linda had arrived to sit with me while Gary went to church. While we were sitting here in the quiet, I thanked God for the angels He has blessed me with, to come and just sit and pray while I rest.
I received a text from Robin at church that said, "Ur awesome husband is on FIRE 2nite. We love u n lift u. U r VICTORIOUS!"
I was so happy to hear that, because Gary had sat with me from 8:00 - 3:00 at the Cancer Center, studying in between the many interruptions in helping me, coming home, getting me situated, seeing to my every need, just in time to get ready to go to church! Gary loves Wednesday nights! He lives for Wednesday nights! And when he came home I could tell he had been in the presence of the Lord. He was refreshed. He said there had been at least 14 salvation/rededications in the altar. And that's what it's all about

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Keri said...

Thank you for taking this to the fb page. Tabitha and I had no idea you were in this battle. We join you, bringing reinforcements of prayer, cheer and encouragement. We lift you, Gary, and the family before the Father who is able and willing.
The Smith's.