Monday, March 7, 2011


Shanda, Adolfo and Cinco went home Saturday afternoon, but my sister stayed over for Sunday. It was so good to have her in service with us Sunday morning. After church, we went home and Mama had prepared a "Sunday Roast". For the first time in weeks, I was able to sit at the table with everyone and actually eat carrots and potatoes and gravy and cooked cabbage. It was so good! Thank you Mama for the wonderful Sunday meal, but most of all for the precious time around the Family Table! It nourished my body and my soul!
Deatra and Debbie at Mama's House After lunch, Deatra went to Walmart and bought me a new table cloth and napkins, and decorated my table for Spring. My daughter, Cindy, brought me the centerpiece from the CFCC banquet. It is beautiful! The dishes were a gift from my girlfriend, Margie for my birthday. Everything looks so fresh and ready for the spring! Thank you Dee! You lifted my spirits and reminded me that I may be walking through the winter, but springtime is coming!
I love you my dear, precious sister!Check this card out. The front says "GIRLFRIEND"
the inside said, .....has a nice sound to it don't you think?
Thanks for always being the uplifter. Now let us lift you up.
We love you. You are so special to us.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! The GIRLFRIENDS of LFA are the most amazing women, with hearts full of love and compassion. Your "Ministry of Presence" to me is such a precious gift. Thank you for giving so freely of yourselves not only to me but to each other. The way you reach out to one another is truly a priceless gift to this church family.

I am so grateful to everyone that continues to lift my spirits with your kindness.

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