Thursday, March 17, 2011


My sister Dee came in Tuesday evening to stay with us until Friday. This is her spring break and she chose to come spend it here. We are SO GRATEFUL!

Our day started early on Wednesday - Radiation first, doctor appointment, lab and then chemo. Although it wasn't the best news concerning my weight loss, the good news was that my blood work was better this week than it was last week! Thank you Jesus! So this week, I will endeavor to put on a couple of pounds:)
While Jan was visiting the other day, I was showing her some of the beautiful gifts that I have received. One was a "Trust" cross. She ask me if I had ever seen the cross that you can clutch in your hand. She described it to me and I said, that would be great to hold onto during treatment. Instead of a stress ball "CLING TO THE CROSS". When my sister Deatra arrived later in the evening, she said she had a gift for me from my mother and daddy's next door neighbor, Linda Mackey. When I opened the gift it was the "Clinging Cross". Exactly what Jan and I had discussed earlier. WOW!!

This is the poem that went with it:

When my mind is fuzzy
And my eyes are dim with tears,
I need to feel Your presence, Lord,
And know that You are near.

When my heart is racing
And my thoughts have such a sting,
I tightly grasp this little cross and prayerfully I cling.

It's not a magic piece~
This cross Your father planned,
But when I cling to it
I feel Your nail-scarred hand. (poem by Jane Davis)

Some of my medication was changed this time during my chemo and this time I actually took a nap during treatment. Gary got a pic while I was resting with my cross.

Around 12:30 Deatra came to sit with me. Gary was able to go home and spend time in prayer and study for Wednesday night service. I miss being in service on Wednesday to hear him preach. With a little help of a few good friends, they sent me pictures of him.

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