Thursday, March 3, 2011


The day started out rough. I knew that when I would be in radiation, my son, Matt would be in surgery to have the screw taken out of his ankle. (pictured below) So, while in treatment, I took that time to pray for him. If you are a mom, you know how much you want to be with your kids when they are facing difficulties. No matter how old they are, they are still your "baby". I know that, because, my daddy is 81 years young and when he calls this "55" year old daughter, he still calls me "baby". Some things just don't change.

Matt's surgery went well, the doctor was very pleased with the healing, and told Matt he could start walking on it in a couple of days.
(knowing Matt, he has probably already tried to walk on it:)
I'm realizing more and more of my hair coming out. After my radiation treatment today, one of the technicians told me she heard a saying once, "God made a few perfect heads, the others he put hair on" She made me smile. I got home and struggled through the day, just not feeling well, little to no energy. When Gary came home in the afternoon, we took a stroll out to the bench and enjoyed watching the ducks swim. Who would have ever thought all those years ago, that I went dumpster diving and came home with this bench, that it would be a place of rest and peace..........GOD KNEW

It was beautiful day.
We came back up to the house and sat in the lounge chairs. Gary had an appointment at the office, so I stayed out in the nice weather.
It felt sooooo good.

I got a text from Jan Landrum, wanting to know if it was ok to stop by for a while. In just a few minutes, here she came, riding up on her Honda Shadow 750! It was nice and relaxing to sit outside in the company of a girlfriend, again, few words had to be spoken. We came in, she had prayer with me and then she rumbled out of our driveway:)

Gary has gone to the Christian Family Counseling Center Banquet tonight. I so wish I could have gone. Sandy Patty (I love her) was the guest speaker!
The CFCC is such a vital part of our community.
Can't wait for Gary to come home and tell me all about it!!

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